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Heavy-duty Attachments for Grasshopper Mowers

JRCO attachments are designed to help the lawn care professional save time and labor. All front-mount attachments fit the JRCO mount bar and attach with clevis pins. JRCO heavy-duty attachments fit commercial walk-behind and riding mowers, including the following Grasshopper mowers:

ManufacturerModelSizeRake ModelMount BarRake Model W/O Mount
Grasshopper Mid-mount w/wo weights61/72"473/60GHM39GHM471/60-210
Grasshopper Mid-mount w/wo weights48/52"473/46GHM39GHM471/46-210
Grasshopper 100V mid-mount48/52"473/46D39D471/46-210
Grasshopper 100V mid-mount41"473/36D39D471/36-210
Grasshopper Front Cut - High Performance Deck72"473/60A^39A^471/60-210
Grasshopper Front Cut - Power Fold Deck61/72"+54GH471/60-2L10
Grasshopper Front Cut - Power Fold Deck44/48/52"+39GH471/46-2L10

+ Order Tine Rake dethatcher from your Grasshopper dealer.

* Model 479 for electric or hydraulic lift deck; otherwise, use 473.

^ Requires drilling into mower frame.

The width of the rake is shown in the last two digits: /36", /46", /60"

Heavy duty 60" rakes are designated with an "H" preceeding Tine Rake model e.g. H473/60