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Heavy-duty Attachments for BOB-CAT Mowers

JRCO attachments are designed to help the lawn care professional save time and labor. All front-mount attachments fit the JRCO mount bar and attach with clevis pins. JRCO heavy-duty attachments fit commercial walk-behind and riding mowers, including the following BOB-CAT mowers:

ManufacturerModelSizeRake ModelMount BarRake Model W/O Mount
BOB-CATZT 100/125 48"473/46WA44471/46-210
BOB-CATWB fixed deck61"473/60R54R471/60-110
BOB-CATWB fixed deck48/52/54"473/46R39R471/46-110
BOB-CATWB floating deck48/52/54"473/4639471/46-110
BOB-CATZT 20061"473/60A39A471/60-210
BOB-CATBob-Cat ZT 100/12548/52"473/46WA44471/46-210
BOB-CATBob-Cat ZT 100/12542"473/36WA44471/36-210
BOB-CATBob-Cat ZT 200/Predator/ProCat/QuickCat61"473/60A39A471/60-210
BOB-CATBob-Cat ZT 200/Predator/ProCat/QuickCat48/52"473/46A39A471/46-210
BOB-CATWB fixed deck Lg. caster wheels36"473/36R39RS471/36-110